Dance Massive

On View, Sue Healey

On View: Quintet, Sue Healey

On View: Quintet is a luminous, cinematic experience evoking the reverential spaces of a portrait gallery. The work dissects the body with an analytical intimacy as it explores the dimensions of portraiture and how we view each other.
“10000 Small Deaths”

“10,000 small deaths,” Paula Lay

10,000 small deaths is a solo dance performance exploring the poetics and immediacy of the body. The work foregrounds the experiential body and has been inspired by many sources along the way—from manga artist Takaya Miou to Jim Jarmusch’s film, Dead Man.

Dance Film

Laurel Jenkins' “Wind Hill.” Photograph by Taso Papadakis

Wind Hill: Laurel Jenkins

Laurel Jenkins' solo, “wind hill” premieres on Friday in “Laurel Jenkins: Two Dance Theater Works” at Highways, California. The filmed version was directed and shot by Taso Papadakis; choreography and performance by Laurel Jenkins.