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Latest Reviews

Keir Award Gregory Lorenzutti

New and unsettled, Keir Choreographic Award

To begin, it is all about numbers and the patterns they form. One inaugural award, the Keir Choreographic Award, dedicated to commissioning new choreographic work and fostering innovation in contemporary dance both nationally and internationally.

Orbital Motion

Hidden talents

With “Tryst: Devotion and Betrayal,” New English Ballet Theatre demonstrates an unfortunate truth: enthusiasm alone does not a successful performance make. The dancers here are sound and their energy laudable, but the mixed bill, a hodge-podge of five wildly different works, ultimately proves a victim of its own ambition, pitching overpowering choreography to underwhelming effect.

Contemporary Dance


In pursuit of profundity

There’s ample room for wavering quality within a mixed bill. A couple of solid pieces can easily compensate for a weak one, and it only takes one standout work to make audiences recall a programme favourably, provided its companions aren’t complete duds.

Russell_Maliphant crop

Afterglow: Russell Maliphant’s “Still Current”

Russell Maliphant’s latest mixed bill is an ode to the art of stage lighting and its uncanny power to charge a performance atmospherically. Under the direction of award-winning designer Michael Hull, the scenic ether of “Still Current” transforms from frantic to serene, intense to halcyon, the performers roving their way through shadowy pathways and flickering swathes of luminosity in search of something brighter.


Diavolic Feats

When it comes to geometric shapes, Jacques Heim, 50, is obsessed. After founding the risk-intensive, hyper-physical dance troupe Diavolo in Los Angeles in 1992, Paris-born Heim translated that passion into full-blown, custom designed stage sets. Included are a 2-1/2-ton aluminum wheel, a 17-foot-long rocking boat and an enormous cube with more configurations than Mr. Rubik’s.