Sylvie Guillem performing Mats Ek's “Bye.” Photographs by Lesley Leslie-Spinks

Sylvie’s Swansong

No extravagant gestures accompanied the final curtain of Sylvie Guillem’s farewell performance at the London Coliseum, which marks the end of her 39 prolific years on the stage—no lavish bouquets of roses were presented, no encores demanded or tearful hand-on-heart curtseys obliged.
Sarah Aiken in “SET.” Photograph by Gregory Lorenzutti

The Creative Act

To my mind, following this train of thought, both Reckless Sleepers with Nat Cursio’s performance of “A String Section” (2012) and the premiere of Sarah Aiken’s “SET,” celebrate the utilitarian object, redefining its role and how we regard it.


A Poetics of Dance


American Ballet Theatre performing Alexei Ratmanksy's “The Sleeping Beauty.” Photograph Gene Schiavone

In Pursuit of Petipa

American Ballet Theatre’s brand new production of “The Sleeping Beauty” proved the most anticipated and talked about event of the ABT’s spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House, and the highest point of the company’s 75th anniversary celebrations.