Gracia Haby

Word Play

A grammatical exercise of ‘fill in the blanks’ had been laid at the feet of Ross McCormack and Stephanie Lake, and I was keen to see how they had picked it up and run with it.

Lines for Winter

Dedicated to Saura, “Stop-Motion” captures the fragility of people and place and nature. It is as beautiful as it is breaking; indescribably so, and owing in no small part to the visual spectacle of the dancers gliding through the swirling debris of 20kg of flour.

Close Up

“Lucid” is a work for one dancer and one actor, interchangeable. But not just any dancer and any actor: “Lucid,” is most of all is a work written specifically for Langlois (dancer) and Phillips (actor). This is their heroes and idols writ large.

Prickly by Nature

Alexander Ekman’s “Cacti,” created for Nederlands Dans Theater in 2010, is a playful sendup of contemporary dance as Stella Gibbons’ 1932 novel, Cold Comfort Farm, is a delicious flapdoodle cliché.


Stephanie Lake's “Double Blind” explores internal and external conflict, action and reaction, cause and effect, through a series of its own choreographed behavioural experiments.

Beloved Be

Alice Dixon, Caroline Meaden and William McBride’s recent performance, “This is What’s Happening,” winner of this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival’s Best Dance.

Britten & Baroque

Building upon an earlier collaboration, which stemmed from a shared love of the melodic dance work of Baroque composer Jean-Philippe Rameau, the artistic director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Richard Tognetti, and the artistic director of Sydney Dance Company, Rafael Bonachela, have created “Illuminated.”


Roll up, roll up, and watch these muscles flex. With white feathers on his shoulders and a little of Dr. John the Night Tripper beneath his hat, Ringmaster Elyas Kahn has brought his ensemble to town. On the banks of the Yarra River, direct from the U.K.,“Limbo” is here, as part of Melbourne Festival.
Gracia Haby

Gracia Haby

Using an armoury of play and poetry as a lure, Gracia Haby is an artist besotted with paper. Her limited edition artists’ books, and other works hard to pin down, are often made collaboratively with fellow artist, Louise Jennison. Their work is in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia and state libraries throughout Australia to the Tate (UK). Gracia Haby is known to collage with words as well as paper.